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Great Outputs Start With Your Inputs

August 20, 2011

Destiny for your organization starts with you. Don’t leave me now. Just hang for a minute and hear me out.

You may feel like everyone else has a say in the present and the future of your hospital, from the Federal government, to the physicians at your hospital, the patients, and the staff. They certainly have a lot to say, and some have real power to shift your focus. But getting results is still the work of healthcare leaders . . . and that’s you.

Over the last 5 years, my focus on hospitals and healthcare systems has consistently included patient satisfaction and employee engagement. They are the yin and yang of reaching higher levels of performance. The delighted patient is the result of the dedicated employee. And those employees who are committed to their work and loyal to your hospital feel that way because you value and involve them in a variety of ways. A great overview of the basics of doing that comes from Ellen Weber’s recent post on Brainpowerd Tools to Manage Excellence.

Stay tuned here for a series of postings on how you, as a healthcare leader, can become agile at 10 tactics for leading towards excellence.

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